In September of 2014 "Project Cartagena" will start. "Project Cartagena" is a multidisciplinary project of the TU Delft. The city of Cartagena is the fifth-largest city of Colombia and has a lot of historical value. Besides the economical value it has also a major ecological value, because of the presence of major regions of nature and several coral areas.

Our project group exist of five master students hydraulic engineering at the university of technology in Delft and our major specialisms are structural engineering, hydraulic structures and coastal engineering.

The purpose of this site is to give the outer world an idea of what we are doing in those weeks in Colombia and to inform about news on the project. There will also be photos of our journeys available. For questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Finishing of the final report and appendices & presentations


It has been long time ago, but here is a new update about our project. Since we are all back in The Netherlands for some time, we have finished the last parts of the documentation of our project. This includes the lay-out of all the appendices and a revised version of our final report. Those new documents can be found at the tab project.

Next thing to do is presenting our project at the Technical University of Delft and at the companies that have supported us during the project. Those presentations will be during the second week of February (10-11-12 February) at the companies and on 19 February at the University.

New photo´s added


As the project is finished for now, we finally got some time to update the picture pages. This means that there are new photos updated of our weekend trip to the village of Taganga, a former fisher village. Nowadays it is mainly known of it's night-life and holiday destination.

The second added photo gallery is again about the city of Cartagena. This week we made a walk around the acient city walls of the old city centre of Cartagena. See the pictures right here: pictures page.

Finishing of the project


Last wednesday we had our first final presentation of the project for the local interested people of the university of Cartagena, our main sponsor Boskalis and some of the people from the engineering department of the SPRC Terminal. The main consensus was very positive and they liked to get more information about the project through documentation.

At the same time of making the presentation, we also have finished the first version of our final report. This report can be looked into through our website: Final Report. For the remaining part of the project, the appendices, the lay out still has to be made. If you are interested in receiving some or all of the appendices, please contact us through our email account: projectcartagena@outlook.com or send a message via facebook.

Project Progress is updated with the synthesis


After some weeks of silence and hard work, there is a new update available about the progress of our project. At the pages of Project Progress the summary of the synthesis is given. At the moment we are very busy with calculations on different topics of the immersed tunnel, a global indication of these calculations will be uploaded soon.

Besides the update on the project progress, there also some new photos available at our pictures page . This are photos of the flooding problems after a small time of rain, the beautiful old city centre and the stunning sunset we have at our balcony.

A new page is added: Project Progress


Today an extra page is added to the site about the project progress. In this part of the website you can read about the pieces of the final report that have been finished. For now the executive masterplan is uploaded, later this week the first variants of the Synthesis will be added. The project progress page can be found under the tab Project in the main menu, or can be found at this link: Project Progress .

Starting of synthesis & the trips to Manga, SPRC terminal and Castillo San Felipe


Last week we started with the elaboration of the different options for the design. Besides the work on the office, we also have made some nice trips. On Tuesday we made a walk around the island of Manga, to analyse the local surroundings and on Friday we visited the SPRC container terminal, also located at Manga. These where very interesting trips, as Manga is one of the locations that will be connected by the passage we will design.

On Sunday we also went to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the fort that used to protect the beautiful city against the looting by pirates and other enemies. We ended the day with a mail with Juan Serrano and his family, to thank them for all the help and support they gave us. Without them this project wouldn't have been possible! Check out the pictures on our pictures page .

Finishing of the Masterplan & trip to Santa Martha and Tayrona


Last week we finished our masterplan and treated ourselves with a trip to the national nature park of Tayrona, Santa Martha. Friday noon we went to Santa Martha, where we stayed the night in a hostel. The next morning we took the bus to Tayrona. After a hike of two hours through the jungle, we have reached the beautiful bays of El Cabo. Here we spend the night in hammocks on the beach. Despite the tropic storm during the night, we had an amazing time! On the way back to Cartagena we experienced the local travelling culture, by taking the bus.

This week we will be working on the next part of our project: develop and elaborate the different possibilities for the design of the tunnel.

BMT Argoss provides information


Since last Friday we have an agreement with BMT Argoss to provide information about the wind- and wave climate in the surroundings of Cartagena. BMT Argoss provides the offshore energy and coastal development sectors with essential metocean information to support operational planning and engineering design.

With this data we will be able to make a more realistic design. We are BMT Argoss thankful for providing this information to us.

Start of the project


Finally we started this morning with our project. After some problems with the computers on the university, we've started with gathering information for the Masterplan of the project. Unfortunately, the power went down. Not only once, but twice! The people from the university told us that it wasn't a daily routine, so we decided to go home and work at our own apartment and come back tomorrow.

Last Saturday we went on a boat trip to the Islas del Rosario and Playa Blanca. The Islas del Rosario are an archipelago of multiple small islands, surrounded by coral. After some snorkeling with the local fish, we went to Playa Blanca. Playa Blanca is the beach of the peninsula Baru, south of Cartagena. The beautiful beaches here are covered with small restaurants and bars, where locals and tourists enjoy the view, the water and the sun.

After we came back in Cartagena, we took a so called Chiva bus tour. On this tour you'll see the most important parts of the city, while you enjoy the music band in the back seat of the bus and some local liquors. We had a wonderful day, some of the pictures can you find on our pictures page .

TEC became a partner


After we arrived in Cartagena, we'd get the very welcome message that TEC (Tunnel Engineering Consultants) joined our team of partners. TEC is one of the world leading experts in the field of tunnel engineering, and therefore one of the companies that suit our project the best.

TEC has a lot of experience with the feasibility studies and construction studies which are needed before a tunnel can be constructed. We are very happy that they will help us during the project, their knowledge will lift our project to a next level.

Examples of tunnels where TEC has worked on are:

  • The Øresund link between Denmark and Sweden
  • The Fehmernbelt link between Scandinavia and continental Europe
  • The Sharq crossing in Qatar.

  • Arrival in Cartagena


    Last sunday four members of the project team said goodbye to our families and started our journey to Cartagena, Colombia. After having a very swift flight to Madrid and Bogota, our last flight to Cartagena got cancelled due to bad weather conditions in Cartagena. Therefore we had to stay at Bogota, where we got very good taking care of by Avianca.

    The next morning we took our final flight completing our 34 hour journey. After a few hours, our last group member Bas joined us after his journey through Miami and South America. At the moment we are very busy with trying to settle in this harsh environment.

    For pictures, click here. We'll keep you updated.

    A new member added to our group of supervisors


    We were already some time busy with it, but from today it´s official! Mw. dr. ir. S. Fennis will join our board of supervisors. She is the assistant professor in the group of Concrete Structures at the TU Delft. She has also given many lectures to us over the last few years. We're happy that she will help Ir. Van Overeem with the assesment of our project.

    Deltares became a partner


    Today we had a meeting at Deltares. We're happy to announce that they will join our club of partners. They will help us with their knowledge and their software to make a more reliable project.

    For more information about our partners or links to their websites, click here.

    Boskalis became a partner


    Since last week we´ve got officially a second company as a partner of our project in Cartagena. We´re proud to have Boskalis supporting us.

    For more information about our partners or links to their websites, click here.



    Iv-groep has decided join our project team as a first sponsor.Iv-Groep is a global consulting and engineering company. With 1,000 professionals strong, Iv-group offers multidisciplinary service packages in the following markets: Buildings & Installations, Industry, Infrastructure & Ports, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Special structures & equipment and Water.

    Their Passion for Technology, which translates into innovative and sustainable solutions, makes Iv-Groep the ideal partner for projects of any size and complexity. From concept to management, Iv-Groep is knowledge-driven and market-leading.

    Please feel free to check out their website: Iv-groep



    We are proud to announce that from this day on we have a nice looking logo to represent us. Many thanks to Steven van Eck for the design.

    Constructive meeting at Boskalis


    Last friday we had a constructive meeting at Boskalis about the subject of our project. After this meeting we decided to change the subject of our project. First we would investigate the erosion problems at the beaches of the peninsula of Baru, south of Colombia. During the meeting with several experts of Boskalis, we decided to investigate a problem that will fit more to the knowledge already owned by our project group.

    Our new project will be about a feasibility study of a tunnel in the city centre of Cartagena. This tunnel will improve the traffic conditions of the peninsula of Bocagrande, which contains the bulk of the city's tourist facilities. Read more about our new project here.

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